Why am I starting this blog?

I am currently studying Applied Social Science, mainly for interest, but I could apply the information to various jobs once I have finished I suppose.  My main reasons for this blog, which is not my first 😉 is because I want to apply some of my current study in a forum that may reach an audience whom may comment on my ideas.  When studying, I find that you often start feeling that you are beginning to become an expert in the information you are learning, and often you start to apply the information gained in your real life.  Well I want an in between stage where I can try out my ‘ideas’  before I start unleashing them on the public at large.

What you may or may not see on this blog

I am trying to be fairly free with my writing, essay writing is very hard to do freely (for me anyway), so I want to relax and write my opinions, stories, ideas, comments on life, etc. without too many rules and regulations.


I have always been an observer of people, wondering what they are thinking, what they do.  My children and I love going for walks and making up stories about the people who live in the houses we go past.  If stories or posts on here sound like you, then probably it isn’t but as a disclaimer, all characters on this site (except for me, some of my family, a few people in the spotlight, and some very interesting people I come across), are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons living or dead is completely coincidental!


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