Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Well, my blog is just new, to date I have only three posts published and three in draft mode, so this could be a very boring post, sorry bout that.  


Goals or General Direction:

I have  several blogs already that do several different jobs, a couple attatched to online stores I run, a couple for homeschooling, one personal, and a few that just need to be deleted.  However I just wanted a blog that I could write as me, not as someone’s mother, or an owner, or even the historian of a family history, I just wanted to be me,  hehe I know that sounds like a cliquè but that’s the way it is.

I needed a place where I could write stories, or poems, or comment on a current event, get comments on my insights I am gaining in the Social Science study I’m doing, find out ideas and direction and connect with people who I would not usually be talking to because I haven’t explored this area of life before 🙂

Goals achieved so far are:

Out of the three published posts, one is an introduction, one is a very short story, based on the Daily Prompt a couple of days ago, and one is a ‘state of our financial affairs’ type post.

My drafts are also an eclectic mix of one monologue, a comment on coffee, fair trade and big corporations, and an exploration of the possibilities and motivations in the latest Dr Who final, I think I have variety of posts covered.

Have they changed?

Yes, once I started writing, ideas started coming to me, I started a list just of blog ideas.  It won’t change into a fashion diary or a travel blog, but it will change to encompass other interests I come across, this is a big, exciting world.





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