Abstaining from Social Media

Nearly everyone is on some sort of social media these days, even my 73 year old mother is a new facebooker and loving being so connected with friends and family.  However, I am coming to the end of my fascination with all things instant, especially online.    I’m not saying it wasn’t a fun ride, it was, and still is at times, I’ve connected with long lost friends that I thought I would never hear from again, I get to stay updated with family from home, I have even met new friends online, so what is my problem?  Well time sucking and lack of self control is my problem.

What I think is going to happen when I get on the computer 

  • check emails
  • study
  • write a few posts
  • update the websites
  • do the books.
  • Answer queries etc.

What actually happens when I get on the computer

  • Check Facebook and see if anything amazing has happened overnight
  • watch a couple of funny facebook videos
  • reply to some random comment about sugar in today’s food
  • Make a comment or two on my own timeline of immense importance to everyone’ s life NOT!
  • Check out photos I haven’t seen before
  • get side tracked looking for sushi recipes
  • Read news related articles
  • Play a game or two (I am alot better now, I used to have several games running at once which took up a HUGE chunk of time, till I gave myself a slap on the head for being so stupid!)
  • Send out game gifts, what the heck!
  • Check my 3 email accounts (four if you include the volunteer organisation I do some work for):
  • Have a look at the latest coupons,
  • reply to emails, often not to do with my websites
  • Have a look at websites
  • find out how to make a dolls house
  • order books I just read about on Facebook
  • the list goes on, and really getting it down in writing makes me feel a whole lot stupider!

So it is the end of the line, I am still staying connected, but am giving up the farm, crushing  candy (possibly, those five in a row chocolates sure are yummy!), the cute cat photos with the funny sayings, liking friends posts just because they are friends, (what am I, 10 yrs old  or something?)  I’ll still look for long lost friends, and updates on the fams, organise get togethers and other fun, actually getting together with real people, type activities. But play time is over, time to grow up!

Farewell hours of non-production, hello free time to do more actual real life stuff.


(All comments in this post can be rescinded if such a time occurs that a extra ordinary Facebook game is released, an extra hilarious cat photo is posted, or I get bored with all the free time I will now have!)


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