Developing your own personal philosophy and life goals

Some people are born with their own personal direction built into them like a compass, others float in the wind and land where ever it happens to blow them, still others develop slowly over their lifetime till they are living their dreams.   Is it necessary to have a philosophy that is defined, heck no!  Do I have one?

Well, I have never really sat down to put into writing what exactly I believe in, how I want to live my life and what I want to accomplish.   I have taken the time to write goals,  I am a list writer, but this is more for myself to get it out rather than any sort of .  I have always known the direction I wanted to take and where I want to end up and sort of how I want to get there, however, I have often felt the need to let life just take me to where it needs me to be.

I don’t think a philosophy or life goals needs to be written down for everyone, but it is sometimes nice to see your goals or ideas on paper to be examined, redrafted, thought about, ticked off or rubbed out completely.

At this time in life I’ve decided the following:

  1. I want to be free to play with my kids and my husband and give them my whole mind without worrying about everything (not accomplished but getting there)
  2. I believe in a higher power, often God, sometimes fate, sometimes I wonder if there is anyone there at all.
  3. I like people and studying them, wondering about their motivations.
  4. I don’t actually like talking to people all the time, I know sort of contradictory to the last point.  But even though humans are supposed to be social and seek out companionship, I don’t think we need to do this continuously throughout our life or even on a daily basis.  Just my opinion 🙂  But I don’t have a problem living away from people as long as I have super fast internet and a phone line, I’m happy!
  5. I like art, sewing reading.
  6. I love mystery and horrors, but don’t like to be scared too much.
  7. I like to feel safe
  8. I don’t want to worry about money all the time, I need it to be automated otherwise I obsess.  Hence the need to become financially independent of a job or business.
  9. I love being self sufficient and would love to get a nice piece of land with some running water i.e. stream of some sort, on it.  ( sort of Little House on the Prairie but not so hard)
  10. I like the kids to be diciplined and respectful and honest and to think about others.
  11. I don’t then want to turn around and be undiciplined, disrespectful, dishonest and selfish myself (have to work on a few of these!)  I want to set a good example for my children, this is hard, I will tell them something but then turn around and sometimes do the opposite, not good parenting.
  12. I want open communication with my husband, I want to feel like I can say something without him getting all in a tizz about it.
  13. I  want to help others, I suppose feeling good about it will come into this, not many people I see help others without feeling a sense of good doing.  But I also want to help unselfishly, to think of doing things without getting anything in return even recognition.
  14. I don’t really like travel, get travel sickness, but I do want to be able to go overseas and visit places we read about, the pyramids, Hadrian’s wall, the Great wall of China, travel the outback (ok this is not overseas but it is alot of travelling!), I want to go to New York and Disneyland (mainly for the kids 🙂 I want to see Canada and ride around on a horse, I want to go to the Mississippi and cross it or to Peru or the Himalayas.

So not much on a philosophy as such but is a good list of my goals without going into too many boring details. Will it change of course, probably as soon as I publish this post, life changes all the time, I just have to be ready to jump on and take the ride without worrying about things too much.




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