Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)


I am putting up very draft pieces of writing, sorry ’bout that guys!  Although, any feedback, negative or positive would be great.  I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, in school I could never understand or was never taught what a paragraph/essay or even a sentence should include so my writing often looks unorganised and messy.  However, I do enjoy trying to write and that is what I am hoping to get out of Writing 101, practice, ideas, and feedback. Thanks for reading.

 Childhood Memories of a Place of Mystery

We pulled up at a rest stop on our way to my Aunty’s place in Whangarei.  My dad said we were having lunch a bit of a runaround here, so “get out and stretch your legs!” he said.  The rest stop was right next to dense bushland, backing onto a forest of tall, ancient trees and mountain range in the background.

My mum and dad took our green, folding table and chairs and our esky out of the car and proceeded to set up lunch for us, while we ran off to do some exploring.  “Don’t go too far my dad called out, lunch will be ready soon!”

We entered the bush, it enveloped us.  I breathed in the woody, musky scents, the smell of fresh air and no smog, I stopped and could hear the sound of insects and birds getting on with their day.  We ran on through the green grey trees, following a small, barely visible trail made by other small runners in search of adventure.  The trail began to broaden and we came into a small clearing on the edge of a gorgeous, untainted brook filled with smooth shiny black and grey pebbles.  It was magical, everything smelled so clean and earthy, it had been raining prior to our arrival so tiny jewels of water were tingling on the edge of every leaf.

Us children got straight to work, placing stepping stones across to the other side.  Finding something to make a small shelter with.  Someone ran back to get some cups for our drinks.  We drunk right out of that brook, and it was the cleanest, sweetest water I had ever tasted.

We only stayed there till after lunch, we drove away never to return.  I couldn’t find that spot again, even though I tried once I grew up.  I can still see that spot, I think of it often, and when I do I am right there, smelling the smells, seeing the beauty, feeling free.

© Mellow Rapp | Dreamstime Stock Photos



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