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Daily Post: Longing for Gravity

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

When the Earth no more I will see, my heart will be deathly dark, colourless seasons with the red hued atmosphere covering everything,

The light that came from the new days morn will no longer be there to share,

Instead, a cold a foreboding dawn will be mine forever more.

The bright flowers, deepest greens and bluest ocean blues, would be the thing that I would miss on my mission to Mars and not back.

When the Earth no more that I will feel, the ache of the touch of familiar, will haunt my dreams and every waking hour.

To be inside a dome everyday and not feel the wind on my face, would be a like closeting a wild bear in a windowless den forever.

To know I would never again see loved ones I adore, or take their hands between mine or kiss their cheek, would be a thing that I would miss on my mission to Mars and not back.

When the Earth no more that I will smell, surrounded by glass and steel, with piped artificial air, and chemical based smells, would do my head in no end.

No gently rainy shower, or the smell of mown grass in the field.

No smell of of crisp, dry sheets right of the washing line.

Even the seaside scent of ocean and sand, with the faint, sweet smell of melting icecream on hands.

Or that unknown smell that brings back a memory so vivid it knocks you off your feet, would be a thing that I would miss on my mission to Mars and not back.

When the Earth no more that I will hear, instead clang, or creak or groan.

The silence in the desert or on my childhood farm.  Surrounding you with it’s nothingness, embracing your every hour.

Or the sound of a Kookaburra waking me in the morning or the crash of thunder and lightning right above my head.

Or the sound of rain drops falling on the tin roof while I lie in bed, would be a thing that I would miss on my mission to Mars and not back.

When the Earth no more I will taste, with my new artificial packet food.

The sweet, crunch of a new season apple, or the sip of a Moscato wine.

The roast lamb with yorkshire pudding or my mum’s chopsuey and rice.

A peanut fresh from roasting, or the honey fresh from the hive.

Only freshly brewed coffee that I could take (or no mission to Mars for me) would be the only escape from the life sentence on my mission to mars and not back.

I’m going to go and hug someone now!



Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVEL.

I’m not a traveller, I get travel sickness, and have head aches, and queasiness for days after any sort of travel involving distances.  So not the best beginning for a nomad of any sort except those using horses or camels.

As a child however I travelled quite a lot, I was born in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and by the time I was 12 had travelled right down the west side of this large island  to Ceduna in South Australia and then on to New Zealand.   Now for those of you who are familiar with Australia especially the outback, the distances we have to travel sometimes just to a party or even shopping are huge, and my parent went to alot of parties!  Now while my mother hated this nomadic lifestyle, I loved it, and dream now of being free enough to just sell everything and take of to far flung lands for adventures, travel sickness aside, to see sights I’ve only seen in books and tv.

My ideal adventure would include a fullly self contained RV or caravan (living without hygiene facilities is just not me!), and a boat as accommodation rather than going from motel to motel.  I would love to just pull up in places park my RV or boat and get out and experience the country I might be in.

I would go everywhere, but  probably food would motivate me more than anything else.  I would love to go to India, and Thailand, China and Japan for their cuisine.   America to experience those super size helpings of ribs and burgers and chips.  I would find genuine pork pies in England and try Champagne from France.

One trip might include going to different countries in Europe and try their different types of cheeses.  Or may be to Germany to try a genuine Black Forest Gateau, (incidentally as a child we knew a German family and the mother made the most luscious Black Forest gateau I have ever tasted, don’t ever try those ones in the cheesecake shop, they are NOT the same).  Of course after eating Gateau we might take a little ride on the Rhine, hopefully in the middle of winter.  In school I learnt German and one year our teacher showed us pictures of castles covered in snow along the Rhine, it was magical and I dreamed of living in one of those castles (I know cliquè every little girl wanting to be a princess), we may also take in the Octoberfest, I know might clash with my gateau eating and cruise taking?!

Now don’t ask me how I’m going to get my caravan to all those countries, I don’t know yet 🙂

Happy travels people!


Daily Prompt: From the Gut

Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us JOYFUL.

There was a time in my life when laughing seemed silly, and only in extreme hilarious situations should it be attempted.  I was  and sometimes still am, a very serious, often uptight sort of person, who doesn’t seem to see to funny side of life.   Well over the last decade or so I made a real effort to see this funny side, I have 3 children for goodness sake and I know how a life of no fun turns out, plus children are just so darn funny.

Everyday now I try to laugh, that deep, hearty, out loud  laugh.  Sometimes its what the kids say, other times, my husband and I just have a bit of fun, sometimes it’s something I see on TV or read on Facebook, that is often cause of a few belly laughs!  The latest crying/laughing was just yesterday or the day before, and it was from Facebook,  (If you’ve seen the ‘auto-correct text’ post going around Facebook you know what I mean), however I had to silently laugh at it as I didn’t want to tell the kids why I was laughing, they always want to know!  It was painful to say the least, I wanted to laugh out loud and share it with every one in the room, but had to try and contain myself, it would have been hilarious to watch 🙂

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Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Well, my blog is just new, to date I have only three posts published and three in draft mode, so this could be a very boring post, sorry bout that.  


Goals or General Direction:

I have  several blogs already that do several different jobs, a couple attatched to online stores I run, a couple for homeschooling, one personal, and a few that just need to be deleted.  However I just wanted a blog that I could write as me, not as someone’s mother, or an owner, or even the historian of a family history, I just wanted to be me,  hehe I know that sounds like a cliquè but that’s the way it is.

I needed a place where I could write stories, or poems, or comment on a current event, get comments on my insights I am gaining in the Social Science study I’m doing, find out ideas and direction and connect with people who I would not usually be talking to because I haven’t explored this area of life before 🙂

Goals achieved so far are:

Out of the three published posts, one is an introduction, one is a very short story, based on the Daily Prompt a couple of days ago, and one is a ‘state of our financial affairs’ type post.

My drafts are also an eclectic mix of one monologue, a comment on coffee, fair trade and big corporations, and an exploration of the possibilities and motivations in the latest Dr Who final, I think I have variety of posts covered.

Have they changed?

Yes, once I started writing, ideas started coming to me, I started a list just of blog ideas.  It won’t change into a fashion diary or a travel blog, but it will change to encompass other interests I come across, this is a big, exciting world.




Daily Prompt: Dulled

This is my first Daily Prompt, so I thought I would start with a very, very short story.

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

I take the bottle and sip, it tastes faintly of cherries or beer, or something sweet, or salty?  The smell, however,  is immediately overwhelming, fermented cherry and cinnamon and other smells all equally strong but unidentifiable.

Dusky dimness engulfs me, even though I know us, the man and I, to be standing in the full sunlight on a dirt road.

© ollirg -
© ollirg –

The smell of the forest a good 1/2 a mile away, and  the dirt of the road fills my nostrils.  The faint whiff of incense a moment before, now entangles my mind, making me momentarily dizzy.

I reach out to the stranger, but I barely feel his arm under my hand. I can make out the coarse, rough, skin between my fingers, it doesn’t make sense, not with what I can feel, something akin to paper.

Another unidentified smell almost knocks me to the ground again, I can hear faint rustling above my head.  I look toward the sound, a flock of swans are flying just over our heads, landing on the water a short way of.  The smell of the lake water, the grasses, the mud, rush towards me.

As I turn back toward the mysterious man, I find he has gone, almost, the faint essence of the man still lingers in the air.

Like a gust of wind he is gone.

I realise I am able to see, I can hear, I can smell, I can taste, I can feel.