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Healthy Eating, Diets and other myths…

…Ok I am sort of over thinking about how many calories are in a piece of toast.

I am over reading in the news the latest food that causes cancer,

I am over seeing on the news the latest food that now is good for you, when 10 years ago we were to avoid it like the plague!

I really think, people of the world, we are over thinking food, that is my analysis of the situation.  We take it apart, we put it under a microscope, we modify it to make it hardier, grow more, be sweeter, sourer, taste more, taste less.  Then with our ‘findings’ we inform people to eat more carbs, eat less carbs, increase protein but only before exercise, eat less fat, eat more fat, sugar causes you to get fat??  This causes pimples, this cures pimples, this is now a super food, (often an unpronounceable plant from the shores of some foreign land or forest).  Once  we know our good foods, we then put them into tablets to be taken during the day every day by every man, woman and child in different strengths.

My simple solution is what we have been taught in schools since nutrition was a ‘thing’ to eat a balanced diet.  You know that little triangle, I think it is fairly right except for when we start analyzing the amounts we need to eat each day, you know making sure you have a little bit of this and a bit more of that and a whole lot of the next.  Well you just make it hard for yourself.  Of course each person’s needs are different, a child needs fats to help their organs and important parts grow, an adult needs less fat as, well, we’re grown.

I have been trying my simple solution, just eat a balanced diet, and I’m not dropping kilos of weight, I’m not hungry, or tired or full of energy and bouncing around the place.  I am just happy, happy to have good food, loving the taste of different foods everyday, excited to go shopping, or see a cooking program or taste a new flavour.  Food however is no longer a goal, or focus, or controlling me, or obsessing me, it just is.

Food Is