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Rant of the Day: Shopping trolleys

Okay, so I’m trying to write more and will be hopefully writing a post a day but with a variety of different  criteria  and subject matter.

So today I thought a fun addition would be Rant of the Day/week,(so if you don’t like complaints stop reading now!)  you know where I just go off at the things that irk, annoy, or straight out p#@ me off!  (I don’t swear in real life that much except when mad, so won’t be swearing in a blog that much either!!)

Shopping trolleys
Am I Right!!?

photo credit: s2art via photopin cc

For my first Rant, I just came back from the shopping mall, and I know it seems pedantic, but it really annoys me when people don’t put their shopping trolleys back, or they chuck them at the shopping trolley bay, without concern for other shoppers or the people who have to clean up their mess.  I am forever reorganising the trolleys to make them fit better into the bay, or saving them from dangerous corners of the carpark.

Why?  because I’ve been there when a trolley runs out and crashes into a random car, I’ve even seen a trolley and a moving car collide!  Older shoppers are not as nimble as they used to be a a trolley on a roll is a dangerous object to try and avoid for them.  And for that matter a child would be unable to stop a trolley crashing into them also.

I’m sure if any of us came back to our car and found damage had been caused by a runaway trolley, we’d be mad, and want to find the culprit!  Yeah, sure the trolley attendants job is to make sure the trolleys are kept in order, but it doesn’t take long for you to make sure your own trolley is in the right place and not going to roll of into the distance and cause some havoc!

 End of Rant!