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Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

Ok so I’m a few days behind, and the first thing to do is loosen up and free write.

pizza and wine

photo credit: terbeck via photopin cc

“There was that one time”, she said, “that we went to the beach and met those two guys?  can you remember?”

“I do..” Candice replied trying to conjure up the exact location and failing miserably in her own head.

They sat there in silence for a moment, trying to remember where their lives had gone, two 40 something, women, alone without children or any significant other, still bacholoretting together so many years after college.

Sure they had amazing careers, that’s what we want these days, said Lani, “isn’t it, Isn’t it!!? A career, money, making a name for ourselves, thats what we wanted CC!”

And they did want that after college, the world seemed so big, full of every good thing possible for a couple of single girls.  They partied, although not excessively, they saved a good deal of their earnings and had quite a stash, their favourite pastime, travel, was a regular twice a year journey to far away places.  They bought a house together which was now fully paid out, and several others as part of their joint investment plan.

Now that all seemed so unnecessary, sure they were well off, they were well known in their business circles,  they were settled and happy with all they had, but something was missing.  Well that was what they had been contemplating over their bottle of wine and pizza, their weekly get together, that had started during college with all their friends, but slowly one by one the friends would go off and get married, or move away till it was just the two of them and a couple of friends who were able to pop in on a semi regular basis.  That’s what bought up the subject today.  Lisa had once again texted to let them know that the baby was sick and she wouldn’t be over tonight.

That baby is always sick Lani bemoaned.

So just an idea that popped into my head, might extend it might not, but that is day one of Writing 101 workshop!