Developing your own personal philosophy and life goals

Some people are born with their own personal direction built into them like a compass, others float in the wind and land where ever it happens to blow them, still others develop slowly over their lifetime till they are living their dreams.   Is it necessary to have a philosophy that is defined, heck no!  Do I have one?

Well, I have never really sat down to put into writing what exactly I believe in, how I want to live my life and what I want to accomplish.   I have taken the time to write goals,  I am a list writer, but this is more for myself to get it out rather than any sort of .  I have always known the direction I wanted to take and where I want to end up and sort of how I want to get there, however, I have often felt the need to let life just take me to where it needs me to be.

I don’t think a philosophy or life goals needs to be written down for everyone, but it is sometimes nice to see your goals or ideas on paper to be examined, redrafted, thought about, ticked off or rubbed out completely.

At this time in life I’ve decided the following:

  1. I want to be free to play with my kids and my husband and give them my whole mind without worrying about everything (not accomplished but getting there)
  2. I believe in a higher power, often God, sometimes fate, sometimes I wonder if there is anyone there at all.
  3. I like people and studying them, wondering about their motivations.
  4. I don’t actually like talking to people all the time, I know sort of contradictory to the last point.  But even though humans are supposed to be social and seek out companionship, I don’t think we need to do this continuously throughout our life or even on a daily basis.  Just my opinion 🙂  But I don’t have a problem living away from people as long as I have super fast internet and a phone line, I’m happy!
  5. I like art, sewing reading.
  6. I love mystery and horrors, but don’t like to be scared too much.
  7. I like to feel safe
  8. I don’t want to worry about money all the time, I need it to be automated otherwise I obsess.  Hence the need to become financially independent of a job or business.
  9. I love being self sufficient and would love to get a nice piece of land with some running water i.e. stream of some sort, on it.  ( sort of Little House on the Prairie but not so hard)
  10. I like the kids to be diciplined and respectful and honest and to think about others.
  11. I don’t then want to turn around and be undiciplined, disrespectful, dishonest and selfish myself (have to work on a few of these!)  I want to set a good example for my children, this is hard, I will tell them something but then turn around and sometimes do the opposite, not good parenting.
  12. I want open communication with my husband, I want to feel like I can say something without him getting all in a tizz about it.
  13. I  want to help others, I suppose feeling good about it will come into this, not many people I see help others without feeling a sense of good doing.  But I also want to help unselfishly, to think of doing things without getting anything in return even recognition.
  14. I don’t really like travel, get travel sickness, but I do want to be able to go overseas and visit places we read about, the pyramids, Hadrian’s wall, the Great wall of China, travel the outback (ok this is not overseas but it is alot of travelling!), I want to go to New York and Disneyland (mainly for the kids 🙂 I want to see Canada and ride around on a horse, I want to go to the Mississippi and cross it or to Peru or the Himalayas.

So not much on a philosophy as such but is a good list of my goals without going into too many boring details. Will it change of course, probably as soon as I publish this post, life changes all the time, I just have to be ready to jump on and take the ride without worrying about things too much.




Abstaining from Social Media

Nearly everyone is on some sort of social media these days, even my 73 year old mother is a new facebooker and loving being so connected with friends and family.  However, I am coming to the end of my fascination with all things instant, especially online.    I’m not saying it wasn’t a fun ride, it was, and still is at times, I’ve connected with long lost friends that I thought I would never hear from again, I get to stay updated with family from home, I have even met new friends online, so what is my problem?  Well time sucking and lack of self control is my problem.

What I think is going to happen when I get on the computer 

  • check emails
  • study
  • write a few posts
  • update the websites
  • do the books.
  • Answer queries etc.

What actually happens when I get on the computer

  • Check Facebook and see if anything amazing has happened overnight
  • watch a couple of funny facebook videos
  • reply to some random comment about sugar in today’s food
  • Make a comment or two on my own timeline of immense importance to everyone’ s life NOT!
  • Check out photos I haven’t seen before
  • get side tracked looking for sushi recipes
  • Read news related articles
  • Play a game or two (I am alot better now, I used to have several games running at once which took up a HUGE chunk of time, till I gave myself a slap on the head for being so stupid!)
  • Send out game gifts, what the heck!
  • Check my 3 email accounts (four if you include the volunteer organisation I do some work for):
  • Have a look at the latest coupons,
  • reply to emails, often not to do with my websites
  • Have a look at websites
  • find out how to make a dolls house
  • order books I just read about on Facebook
  • the list goes on, and really getting it down in writing makes me feel a whole lot stupider!

So it is the end of the line, I am still staying connected, but am giving up the farm, crushing  candy (possibly, those five in a row chocolates sure are yummy!), the cute cat photos with the funny sayings, liking friends posts just because they are friends, (what am I, 10 yrs old  or something?)  I’ll still look for long lost friends, and updates on the fams, organise get togethers and other fun, actually getting together with real people, type activities. But play time is over, time to grow up!

Farewell hours of non-production, hello free time to do more actual real life stuff.


(All comments in this post can be rescinded if such a time occurs that a extra ordinary Facebook game is released, an extra hilarious cat photo is posted, or I get bored with all the free time I will now have!)

Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Well, my blog is just new, to date I have only three posts published and three in draft mode, so this could be a very boring post, sorry bout that.  


Goals or General Direction:

I have  several blogs already that do several different jobs, a couple attatched to online stores I run, a couple for homeschooling, one personal, and a few that just need to be deleted.  However I just wanted a blog that I could write as me, not as someone’s mother, or an owner, or even the historian of a family history, I just wanted to be me,  hehe I know that sounds like a cliquè but that’s the way it is.

I needed a place where I could write stories, or poems, or comment on a current event, get comments on my insights I am gaining in the Social Science study I’m doing, find out ideas and direction and connect with people who I would not usually be talking to because I haven’t explored this area of life before 🙂

Goals achieved so far are:

Out of the three published posts, one is an introduction, one is a very short story, based on the Daily Prompt a couple of days ago, and one is a ‘state of our financial affairs’ type post.

My drafts are also an eclectic mix of one monologue, a comment on coffee, fair trade and big corporations, and an exploration of the possibilities and motivations in the latest Dr Who final, I think I have variety of posts covered.

Have they changed?

Yes, once I started writing, ideas started coming to me, I started a list just of blog ideas.  It won’t change into a fashion diary or a travel blog, but it will change to encompass other interests I come across, this is a big, exciting world.




Frugality and Finance

So I am venturing into dangerous territory in this post, finance, budgeting a life! Well there will be no preaching, probably no maths and definitely no telling you what to do, so everyone can calm down. There may be a few tips and definitely links to people who know more than me, so read on…


Our situation

My husband came home a couple of weeks ago, he had been thinking about our financial situation, which isn’t bad by a long shot, but isn’t where we pictured ourselves either, which is often the reason for reflection of this sort. We started rethinking our spending, trying to see if we can cut down on anything, which of course we could find very little, a few expenses here and there, hidden spending that we try to hide from ourselves, that sort of stuff.

Then I came across a blog. A fairly in you face blog! A blog that told me that we are spending way too much even if we think we are being budget conscious. A blog that told me to buy a bike for goodness sake! A blog that grabbed my attention and kept me reading, giving me insights and most importantly, hope that our situation is not only very manageable, but we could retire, if we wanted within a time period which at first glance seems impossible, but with further study, completely achievable if we wanted to try. We wanted to try! Luckily my husband and I are both on the same page, and weirdly even though we are still in the same situation we were two weeks ago the future feels good!

So here’s where we are at the moment:

  1. we have started pulling the budget/spending apart, looking closely at where our money goes.
  2. started a messy sort of plan for income generating savings.
  3. thinking about getting a credit card ( don’t ask not really sure how this works yet??) p.s. we only have a debit card which was much safer for us, so no credit card debt, currently 😛
  4. lots of reading, talking and thinking
  5. I looked at bus timetables. My excuse for not using bikes: three children, Sydney traffic, okay not a good one but I’m sticking with it. My excuse for not using the bus, um, I’ll get back to you on that one :/
  6. Stopping superfluous spending, this is not as hard as it sounds, but it is tricky. You don’t realise that buying a bottle of water or a cup of coffee is not only unnecessary but can add up. I know I can hear the groans now, “don’t you touch my daily coffee!” . But for us the sums are helping to change our minds.

See example below.

So my daughter and I were talking about this in the car, me trying to impress on her the importance of our new step toward financial security, her, trying to impress on me why she needed blonde streaks in her hair @ $130+ and a tongue piercing, (who cares what this costs, what the heck)?? So I gave her a little demonstration, sorry about the maths:

If we all (five of us in the family), bought one bottle of water a day @ $3.00/btl

  1. that is $15 a day
  2. $105 a week
  3. $5460 a year
  4. and a staggering $54,600 after 10 years.

Now we are already in the habit of taking water from home, but that is not the point, what seems like a small amount initially can become a huge amount over time. Now this impressed her no end. She’s on board, the middle girl is frugal by nature, and now I just have to convince my little man that a new computer game is not in his near future, instead walking, climbing and fishing are, fingers crossed.

I will jot down our journey now and then and once our journey is complete, we will celebrate with poetry for everyone! And one final tip, use the calculation above and replace ‘water’and ‘$3.00’ with your own daily spend, whether it be lunch, coffee, a magazine on the way to work, whatever, it can be surprising and a little nauseating, hehe.


All ideas came from : – Early retirement through Badassity

read with an open mind people, you might not agree with anything on there, but for us it is exactly what we need to hear. If this post is of no interest to you, then don’t click on the above website, just saying 🙂

All work and savings is ours!

Daily Prompt: Dulled

This is my first Daily Prompt, so I thought I would start with a very, very short story.

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

I take the bottle and sip, it tastes faintly of cherries or beer, or something sweet, or salty?  The smell, however,  is immediately overwhelming, fermented cherry and cinnamon and other smells all equally strong but unidentifiable.

Dusky dimness engulfs me, even though I know us, the man and I, to be standing in the full sunlight on a dirt road.

© ollirg -
© ollirg –

The smell of the forest a good 1/2 a mile away, and  the dirt of the road fills my nostrils.  The faint whiff of incense a moment before, now entangles my mind, making me momentarily dizzy.

I reach out to the stranger, but I barely feel his arm under my hand. I can make out the coarse, rough, skin between my fingers, it doesn’t make sense, not with what I can feel, something akin to paper.

Another unidentified smell almost knocks me to the ground again, I can hear faint rustling above my head.  I look toward the sound, a flock of swans are flying just over our heads, landing on the water a short way of.  The smell of the lake water, the grasses, the mud, rush towards me.

As I turn back toward the mysterious man, I find he has gone, almost, the faint essence of the man still lingers in the air.

Like a gust of wind he is gone.

I realise I am able to see, I can hear, I can smell, I can taste, I can feel.


Why am I starting this blog?

I am currently studying Applied Social Science, mainly for interest, but I could apply the information to various jobs once I have finished I suppose.  My main reasons for this blog, which is not my first 😉 is because I want to apply some of my current study in a forum that may reach an audience whom may comment on my ideas.  When studying, I find that you often start feeling that you are beginning to become an expert in the information you are learning, and often you start to apply the information gained in your real life.  Well I want an in between stage where I can try out my ‘ideas’  before I start unleashing them on the public at large.

What you may or may not see on this blog

I am trying to be fairly free with my writing, essay writing is very hard to do freely (for me anyway), so I want to relax and write my opinions, stories, ideas, comments on life, etc. without too many rules and regulations.


I have always been an observer of people, wondering what they are thinking, what they do.  My children and I love going for walks and making up stories about the people who live in the houses we go past.  If stories or posts on here sound like you, then probably it isn’t but as a disclaimer, all characters on this site (except for me, some of my family, a few people in the spotlight, and some very interesting people I come across), are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons living or dead is completely coincidental!